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About Us


To provide an education program and services to support the child’s cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development while learning through play and creative art activities in a safe, secure, Christian learning environment.



The objectives of our program will include—
1.  Administrative expertise
2.  Trained and dedicated staff and personnel

3.  Continued staff development and training
4.  Efficient facility
5.  Health and safety provisions
6.  Resarched based Creative Curriculum and GOLD Assessment

7.  Positive Behavior Support Approach

8.  Nutritional Snack

9.  Parenting education and involvement

10.Partnership with West Des Moines Community Schools by providing Statewide Voluntary

      Preschool Program for Prek - 4-5 year olds
11.Compliance with Department of Human Services
12.Compliance with Department of Public Health and Visiting Nurse Services

13.Compliance with Infant and Toddler and Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale
14.Compliance with Quality Rating System

15.Compliance with Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards

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